[title, author, date of review]

Before Snowfall, After Rain by Ariel Francisco, 2017 July

Blight, Blight, Blight, Ray of Hope by Frank Montesonti, 2014 January

Burden of Solace by Teneice Durrant Delgado, 2013 February

Calle Florista by Connie Voisine, 2015 November

Candescent by Linda Parsons, 2020 September

Charles of the Desert by William Woolfitt, 2017 March

Conflict Resolution for Holy Beings by Joy Harjo, 2016 February

Darwin's Daughter by Faith Shearin, 2018 October

Dear All by Maggie Anderson, 2018 June

Death in the Foyer by  David R. Altman, 2017 June

Don't Read Poetry by Stephanie Burt, 2020 March

Entering the House of Awe by Susanna Childress, 2012 September

Fixed and Free: poetry anthology 2011 edited by Billy Brown, Gregory L. Candela, Elaine Schwartz and Stewart S. Warren, 2012 November

Fetal Waters by Rhonda Pettit, 2015 August

For Girls Forged by Lightning: Prose and Other Poems, by Molly Fuller, 2018 February

Forgiveness Forgiveness by Shane McCrae, 2014 November

Gold by Barbara Crooker, 2013 December

Holdfast by Christian Anton Gerard, 2017 October

Hotel Utopia by Robert Miltner, 2012 August

In Brilliant Explosions Alone: poems of baseball by Steve Brightman, 2013 November

Leave Here Knowing by Elizabeth Oakes, 2014 February

Leopard Lady: A Life in Verse by Valerie Nieman, 2020 January

Litany for the City by Ryan Teitman, 2013 March

Local News from Someplace Else by Marjorie Maddox, July 2014

Madwoman by Shara McCallum, August 2017

Megan's Guitar and Other Poems from Acadie by Darrell Bourque, 2013 June

Mendeleev's Mandala by Jessica Goodfellow, 2015 October

More Sonnets from the Portuguese by Janet C.M. Eldred, 2017 February

My Lithuania: Land of Myth, Amber and Hope by Clarissa Jakobsons, 2016 January

No More Milk by Karen Craigo, 2018 March

Paper, Cotton, Leather by Jenny Sadre-Orafai, 2015 September

Patter by Douglas Kearney, 2015 July

Passing Through Humansville by Karen Craigo, 2017 July

Radial Symmetry by Katherine Larson, 2012 December

Rabbit Punch! by Greg Santos, 2015 January

Reaching for Air by Gayle Lauradunn, 2016 June

Slipstream by Kate Fadick, 2013 May

Surrender by Ellen Birkett Morris, 2014 May

Talking Burley, by Sherry Chandler, 2020 May

The Academy of Hay by Julia Shipley, 2016 April

The Apricot and the Moon by Cathryn Essinger, 2021 January

The Sea Was Never Far by Marion Starling Boyer , 2019 November

The Spectral Wilderness by Oliver Bendorf, 2016 March

The Vigil by Shelley Chernin, 2013 July

The Woodcarver's Wife by Sherry Chandler, 2014 October

Time of the Light by Ed Davis, 2014 April

What is Amazing by Heather Christle, 2019 May

Wild Flight by Christine Rhein, 2012 June